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A Will designates how your assets should be distributed at your death.  If you have children, the will states the person that you would like to care for your children.

Healthcare power of attorney

A Healthcare Power of Attorney appoints a person (sometimes called a “healthcare surrogate”) to make healthcare decisions for you if you are not able to do so.  I can also prepare one for your children if you plan to leave them in someone else’s care.

Revocable Trust

A Revocable Trust establishes a separate entity to hold and distribute your assets.  A Revocable Trust is a great way to handle distributions to children.  While a Revocable Trust does not protect your assets from creditors, done correctly, a Revocable Trust does protect your children’s distributions from creditors, angry spouses, or bankruptcy trustees.  A Revocable Trust also allows for a smoother transition of the operations of your business. 

living will

A Living Will expresses your desire to not be kept alive by extraordinary measures. 

Durable power of attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney gives someone else the right to act for you in financial matters.


Probate is the legal process of addressing the final affairs of a deceased person (Decedent).  The probate process starts with gathering the Decedent’s assets after that person’s death.  The Decedent’s debts are paid and the remaining assets are transferred to the beneficiaries as outlined in Decedent’s will, or if there is no will, to the beneficiaries designated by Florida statutes.